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  • Sponsored Products (SPA, sponsoredProducts) use a 7-day sales attribution window for Sellers and a 14-day sales attribution window for Vendors. So when displaying sales, you'll want to use the related "AttributedSales7day" fields for Sellers and the "AttributedSales14day" fields for vendors... (More)

Unfortunately, the short answer is "No". An SB ad contains 3 different ASIN/SKUs in it (think banner ad with multiple products) and Amazon therefore does not report ASIN-level sales for that campaign type.

We simply don't receive the data out... (More)

That's correct in the sense that headlineSearch = Sponsored Brands campaigns and sponsoredProducts = Sponsored Products campaigns.

To clarify, the {CampaignType} field value of "headlineSearch" always represents Sponsored Brands campaigns, which have a limited data set relative to Sponsored Products... (More)