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Release Updates
Release Updates

This thread includes the release updates for all dash solutions. Please follow this topic to stay up-to-date on the latest releases from dash and information related to implementation and usage of new dash features.

To view the detailed Release Notes, please follow the link here to our reference page: dash/REFERENCE.

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dash/DATA STUDIO for MWS data - Instructions for using Google Data Studio Operations reporting template available 11.9.20

v1.4 platform updates - Keyword & Target status changes, Search Term negations, and Negative Targets view added to the platform

Wishing you could do away with those bulkfile templates you have to recreate every time you want to do search term negations? Wish no longer because search term negations have come to stay in the dash platform.

With our main goal of providing the critical levers you need to manage your Amazon advertising accounts, we just launched the ability to pause/enable/archive keywords and targets, negate search terms, and manage your negated keywords and targets right from the dash platform. To see the full release notes, please check out this link as it contains additional information related to this Advertising Studio release: dash/RELEASE NOTES

Combined with the ability to push bulk bid changes to Amazon from the dash platform (v1.1 release), you can now manage your keyword and target statuses, negate search terms including the newly released Auto campaign product targets, and see all of your negated keywords and targets in one simple view.

Keyword status changes - find poor performing keywords via the custom performance filters in the Keywords & Targets view and pause keywords that are no longer up to snuff. If you're sure you don't want to target a given keyword or product target moving forward, you can also archive records in bulk. Conversely, if you're coming back into a solid seasonal period, you can enable paused keywords so they begin spending and generating sales for you once again.

*Pro tip: to see paused keywords or product targets, just toggle on the "Include paused" filter for Targets seen above the data table.

To see a video showing the status change functionality, check out this link: dash Keyword & Target Status changes

Search Term negations - ready to rid your accounts of the tiny little holes that lead to a leaky ACOS? Quickly negate search terms across your entire account by applying custom filters showing you search terms that are not performing the way you'd like in the Keywords & Targets (Search Terms tab) or Tasks & Workflows (Search Terms tab) views. As an example, you can see all search terms that have at least 15 clicks and no sales by applying the pre-built "Non-converting" Optimization filter on the Search Terms tab of either view. If you want to ratchet down your criteria, just click the already applied filters or add your own custom filters across any time range to negate search terms that are not performing up to your standards.


To see videos showing the search term negation functionality in each view, check out this link: dash Search Term Negations

Negative keywords and targets - see all of your negative keywords and targets in one simple view. Just navigate to the "Negative Targeting" tab of the Keywords & Targets view to see and manage your negative keywords and targets, including the ability to archive negatives that no longer apply. With the Negation Type, Status, and Date Negated (available for SP ads only) contextual fields, you'll never have to guess which negatives you have applied to a campaign or ad group again.


To see a video showing the Negative Targeting tab and functionality, check out this link: dash Negative Targeting view

Questions or issues? 

Although we always do extensive quality assurance, these are new views that may include a bug here and there. Please let us know if you see any issues via the blue "Feedback" tab hovering along the right side of each platform view. Alternatively, please send a note if you are experiencing any issues or have questions about the platform updates.

As always, thank you for being a dash partner. We can't wait to hear what you think of the new features!

To quicker optimizations and personalized search term analysis,
The dash team

v1.4 dash/ADVERTISING STUDIO - Search Term Negations in the Keywords & Targets and Tasks & Workflows views

*Note - the search term negations in dash are live so creating a negation in the dash platform creates the same negation in the Amazon Console.

v1.4 dash/ADVERTISING STUDIO - all Negative Keywords and Product Attribute Targets managed in a single view

*Note - the negative keyword and target statuses are live so changing statuses of keywords or product targets in the dash platform changes those statuses in the Amazon Console