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If you're having issues loading data in your reporting platform, it may be due to the dashboard "re-pulling" data every time a change or filter is applied. Google Data Studio in particular pulls data directly from the database for every... (More)

Generally speaking, dash customers tend to use the "AttributedSales" and "AttributedConversions" fields for all sales and orders of a given ad, regardless if it's the same SKU or Other SKU. If you're curious, you'll see that the productadmetric table shows... (More)

You are definitely right in thinking that the data overlaps. Basically, it just comes down to the level of granularity that you want to show starting at campaign > ad group > keyword / targetexpressions > search term > productad... (More)

There are some key differences between the tables and the data they have available. Breaking down the data contained in each table:

  • keyword & keywordmetric = SPA + SB campaign performance including search terms values for SPA and SB. Amazon... (More)