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Product Roadmap
Product Roadmap

This page is dedicated to updating you on the upcoming features and releases planned for dash/DATA STUDIO and dash/ADVERTISING STUDIO. If you have a question about what's coming next for dash, this is the place to be.

Did you know can have a hand in what we choose to develop next? By contributing to the discussions in this channel, you can let us know what you'd like to see the dash team work on. We will monitor this channel ongoing so please put all of your thoughts, ideas, and requests here so we can incorporate them into the product roadmap(s).

If you'd like to request a feature, update, or new element, please "Reply" to the appropriate roadmap post/discussion and we will review your comments, thank you!

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Sam Hager
from the dash team

dash/DATA STUDIO Roadmap

Last Updated: September 28th, 2021

Next Release:


  • Additional Custom Fields in mws_items and campaign tables [in progress] - We are adding additional custom fields to the mws_items and campaign tables for enhanced customizability of your analytics. This will enable... (More)
Sam Hager
from the dash team

dash/PLATFORM Roadmap

Last updated: September 28th, 2021

Next Release:

  1. [in progress (orders by date released)] MWS data integration into Data Master - adding the ability to review MWS data directly in the dash platform
  2. [in progress] Load Speed Improvements - implementation of... (More)

dash/PLATFORM Past Releases

Previous Releases:

released 8.28.21] Import Business Reports data - in order to populate our new 'business_reports_dpst_total' and 'business_reports_dpst_item' tables, we will enable the ability to upload the data directly in the dash platform

[released 8.28.21] Search Terms Negated Exclusion filter... (More)

dash/DATA STUDIO Past Releases

Past Releases:

Upload Business Reports Data [released 8.28.21] - based on requests from partners, we will be adding the ability to upload your Business Reports Data from Seller Central to your db. This will allow more efficient reporting of data... (More)