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v1.3 platform release notes - 3.26.20

With all the downtime we've had, the dash team has been working on a number of platform updates to consolidate all platform views into our new user experience and design, as well as add functionality for optimization workflows and search term analysis.

To view the complete release notes (which we recommend checking out), things you can now do, and items to watch out for concerning the platform update, just click here (note this location has changed): dash/release notes

We'd also like announce the release of our dash Community Forum: dash/community forum 

We have an expert community of dash users who are pushing the boundaries when it comes to leveraging dash and Amazon Advertising API data for reporting, analytics, and management. To support our users, we created a Community Forum where you can ask questions directly to the dash team and find answers to questions that have been asked by others before. Please bookmark this url and use the Community Forum to ask dash-related questions, review frequently asked questions, and to post anything interesting you find along the way.

Okay now for the platform updates! You will notice that we have reorganized the views of the platform for a more consistent experience, separating data studio and advertising studio views for clear separation of our dash solutions. To see the new changes in the dash platform, make sure you do a hard refresh on your browser (CTRL+SHIFT+R).


Search Terms are now available for review and export in the Keywords & Targets view. Note that for the Keywords and Search Terms tabs, you may experience long load times if you have accounts containing a large amount of keywords/search terms (+10,000) as we show all keyword and search term records by default. We will soon be adding optimizations to improve the load times but wanted to deliver these updates first. With Search Terms and the new filters, you can:

  • View and export performance of all keywords/targets or search terms for a given merchant account across any time range to quickly use your data during negation or migration/harvesting optimizations. Copy and paste your exported records to a bulkfile to speed up your manual optimizations.
  • Leverage our pre-built Optimization filters to drill down to search terms that are performing poorly or showing signs of positive return.
  • Build Custom filters to analyze subsets of search terms based on filtering criteria like Sponsored Products or Sponsored Brands, auto or manual targeting, ACOS ranges, and other performance metrics available in the view.
  • Edit applied filters by clicking an already applied filters to update the values for quick changes to the data set and search terms in view.

Tasks & Workflows is the brand new view that combines the optimization workflows currently available in the dash platform - Campaign Budget Balancing and our keyword/search term optimizations formerly known as Workouts (Reduce Inefficiencies, Discover Keywords, and Improve Targeting):

  • Use the Campaigns Budget Balancing worksheet to optimize your spend distribution, analyze daily spend of your campaigns, compare actual spend to to daily campaign budgets, and determine projected go-forward ACOS based on adjusting budgets downward for poor performing campaigns.
  • Use the Search Terms tab views to quickly filter search terms based on pre-set, and editable, performance criteria filters for common optimizations. Add additional custom filters to enhance your analysis and further segment your search term sets for highly personalized optimization workflows. Use the three optimization tabs below to aid common optimization tasks:
  • Reduce Inefficiencies immediately shows you all search terms with 0 orders and greater than or equal to 15 clicks for quick negation opportunity analysis.
  • Discover Keywords filters Auto targeting campaigns for all search terms with at least 2 orders to point out Manual targeting opportunities.
  • Improve Targeting filters Broad, Phrase, Category, and Brand match types for all search terms with at least 2 orders to find opportunities to refine targeting to an Exact or specific ASIN target.

Questions or issues? 

Although we always do extensive quality assurance, these are new views that may include a bug here and there. Please let us know if you see any issues via the blue "Feedback" tab hovering along the right side of each platform view. Alternatively, please send a note if you are experiencing any issues or have questions about the platform updates.

As always, thank you for being a dash partner. We can't wait to hear what you think of the new features!

To quicker optimizations and personalized search term analysis,
The dash team

v1.2 dash platform updates - released 2/24/2020

Click here for to view complete release notes: dash/reference site

In an effort to continuously improve the dash experience, we are rolling out a few platform updates that we think you're going to dig. To see the new changes in... (More)

You can change your dash login password directly in the platform under the Profile icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen per:

How do I change my dash platform login?