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google data studio
google data studio
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This is typically due to the Custom Date Ranges applied to certain widgets on a given page of the report to ensure the data shown allows for the comparison period and time series trend indicated in the widget labels. To... (More)

The easiest way to use the currency conversion values in your reporting platforms is via a custom query to create a new data source (or you can do it via a blend + calculated field).

To create the data source... (More)

This error is caused by the "0" timestamps that are sometimes stored as values in DateTime fields within the database tables. Basically MySQL can handle "0" timestamps but Google Data Studio can't resolve them using Java. The culprit is typically... (More)

If you're having issues loading data in your reporting platform, it may be due to the dashboard "re-pulling" data every time a change or filter is applied. Google Data Studio in particular pulls data directly from the database for every... (More)