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If you'd like the raw data for a certain time range, you could pull the full period of data and configure the comparisons via the report/table afterward. The below MySQL query pulls the last 3 months plus whatever days are... (More)

Here are the Where clauses to pull data for a specific time range via a MySQL query:

Last 30 days (uses "31" since we pull previous day data, not current day):

where DateTime BETWEEN CURDATE() - INTERVAL 31 DAY AND... (More)

This is typically an issue with your "Permissions" to "View and Edit" advertising for a given merchant account. Dash is only able to pull ad data through the API if your linked account has been granted proper permissions to "View... (More)

The dash application runs a profile list (merchant list) pull every hour so typically you will receive the "New Merchant Added" email from us within an hour to two hours of adding a new account and the merchant will then... (More)