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We receive the currency values from Amazon directly and use the currency code provided as per the "marketplace" table in each database. If you look at the "CurrencyCode" field values in that table, you'll see the values that we receive... (More)

We are always on the hunt to give you the most complete data set available from Amazon. We continuously update dash databases with the most recent API data availability, coinciding with Amazon's (mostly) monthly API releases. With that, data for... (More)

Currently, Amazon does not report search term performance by advertised ASIN as seen in productadmetric table in dash or the advertised ASIN report in Amazon. You will notice that you do see keyword performance by OtherASIN in the asinmetric table... (More)

dash will sometimes show different aggregate numbers in the dashboard view and throughout the platform for a few reasons. The primary one is that dash only shows data through the previous day - i.e. our month to date is through... (More)