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Generally speaking, dash customers tend to use the "AttributedSales" and "AttributedConversions" fields for all sales and orders of a given ad, regardless if it's the same SKU or Other SKU. If you're curious, you'll see that the productadmetric table shows... (More)

That's correct in the sense that headlineSearch = Sponsored Brands campaigns and sponsoredProducts = Sponsored Products campaigns.

To clarify, the {CampaignType} field value of "headlineSearch" always represents Sponsored Brands campaigns, which have a limited data set relative to Sponsored Products... (More)

Currently, Amazon does not report search term performance by advertised ASIN as seen in productadmetric table in dash or the advertised ASIN report in Amazon. You will notice that you do see keyword performance by OtherASIN in the asinmetric table... (More)