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Asked a question 2 years ago

Will my numbers in dash be different than what I see in Amazon or the manual reports?

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dash will sometimes show different aggregate numbers in the dashboard view and throughout the platform for a few reasons. The primary one is that dash only shows data through the previous day - i.e. our month to date is through previous day whereas Amazon's will include current day activity. This is due to the lack of data availability (there's latency from Amazon) and volatility as the data is constantly restated and updated throughout the day. And currently, if you have Product Display (part of Sponsored Display) or Sponsored Brands Video ads running, the dash/API data will be understated by the campaign activity amounts as those ad units have not yet been pushed through the API. When Amazon releases this data, we will incorporate it into dash databases and the platform.

Also as a reminder, Sales figures tend to be the most volatile given the 7-day and 14-day attribution windows over which Amazon constantly updates and restates sales numbers. This, along with asynchronous report updating on Amazon's part, causes certain discrepancies between dash and the Amazon interface from time to time that are resolved as the attribution windows close. We reconcile for this by pulling the previous 14-day data every day, and the previous 60-day data every weekend to catch any restatements and adjustments done by Amazon outside of the sales attribution windows.