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Asked a question 11 months ago

Which sales fields in each table should I use for Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands ad sales and orders reporting? Which attribution windows does Amazon use for sales? Does it matter if the merchant is a seller or vendor?

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  • Sponsored Products (SPA, sponsoredProducts) use a 7-day sales attribution window for Sellers and a 14-day sales attribution window for Vendors. So when displaying sales, you'll want to use the related "AttributedSales7day" fields for Sellers and the "AttributedSales14day" fields for vendors when reporting the sponsoredProducts campaign type.
  • Sponsored Brands (SB, headlineSearch) use a 14-day sales attribution window for both sellers and vendors. So when displaying sales, you'll want to use the ""AttributedSales14day"" sales fields when reporting headlineSearch campaign type.
  • Following the above rules will allow your reporting dashboard numbers to not only match the values we show in the dash platform, but will also align with the fields Amazon uses for its own interface and downloadable reports (basically, you'll tie to what shows in Amazon).
  • The only exception to the 7 and 14 day fields' naming convention is in the "sellermonthmetric" report, which uses the correct 7 and 14-day fields by default for the respective SPAAdSales, SPAAdOrders, HeadlineAdSales, and HeadlineAdOrders fields. Therefore, you do not have to determine if the merchant is a seller or a vendor for correct sales and orders reporting when using the sellermonthmetric table.
  • "AttributedConversionsXDay" shows all conversions (orders) for a given ad regardless of SameSKU/OtherSKU. Amazon calls them conversions in the API for some odd reason but they are the total orders for a given record.
  • "AttributedConversionsSameSKUXDay" shows only the conversions (orders) for the advertised SKU and does not include any orders for the ""Other"" SKUs that may have been purchased after clicking the Ad of the advertised SKU (SameSKU).