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Asked a question 8 months ago

Whenever we onboard or add a new client merchant profile to an account connection we already have synced with dash, do I need to manually activate the merchant or will dash automatically begin pulling data for the newly added merchant profile?

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Great question - for advertising merchants/profiles, the system will automatically identify a new profile (merchant) attached to the account connection (permission) within an hour. You will then receive an email from us saying "New Merchant added" with a link to the Account Manager screen in dash where you have to manually choose to activate the merchant if you want data to be pulled. We don't automatically activate the merchant as we want you to have control over which merchants we are pulling data for.  You will receive an email from us at your dash login email address as soon as we recognize the new profile (merchant) was added.

As an aside, if the merchant has already been activated via a previous account (permission), you don't have to do a thing. We continue to pull data but will use the most recent account connection (permission) to do so. If you have not previously activated the merchant, then you will need to activate the merchant for data flow to begin just like you would when a brand new account connection (permission) is added.

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Asked a question 8 months ago
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