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Asked a question last year

One question I had was regarding the portfolio metrics, is there a way to find the campaigns inside of a portfolio and get the metrics for the campaigns inside?

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Sam Hager
from the dash team

Absolutely - currently, you will see the field "PortfolioName" inside the "campaign" table (and "portfolio" table). Using any metric table you need data from, you could either do a custom query or a blend to combine the campaign table + any_metric table joined on campaign.ID29 to metric.CampaignID. For example, to get portfolio name alongside campaignmetric data:

select c.PortfolioName, cm.*
from campaign c, campaignmetric cm

where c.ID29 = cm.CampaignID 

You can swap "campaignmetric" for any metric table (i.e. "productadmetric", "keywordtargetingmetric", etc.)

Note - This custom query/blend will not be required after the dash/DATA STUDIO v1.2 update coming in mid-March 2020 as we will be pushing the field PortfolioName - along with PortfolioID, CampaignName, CampaignID, AdGroupName, AdGroupID, and MerchantType - into all metric tables where possible. So you will soon have PortfolioName available by default in each metric table without the need to connect to the campaign or portfolio table via a blend or query.