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Asked a question 11 months ago

Is there any way to get the "missing data" for products/brands that were not sold via Sponsored Product ads? With the ASIN, I am able to get a report for products and brand sold via Sponsored Product ads, but Sponsored Brand ads do not give me that level of detail in the reports. Since the client wants to see "how many of X brand and Y products did we sell? How much did we spend on X and Y?". What is your recommendation to try and get this? Is there a method to blend data tables and subtract totals?

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Unfortunately, the short answer is "No". An SB ad contains 3 different ASIN/SKUs in it (think banner ad with multiple products) and Amazon therefore does not report ASIN-level sales for that campaign type. 

We simply don't receive the data out of the API nor in the interface. So there isn't a way to say "ASIN X drove Y Ad Sales" when combining SB and SPA ads. Most agencies will rather just report the SPA ads on the ASIN level for the data points you're describing. Then, they'll show total SPA sales "stacked" with SB sales in the aggregate to show Ad Sales contribution to total platform sales (Ad Sales + Non-Ad Sales).

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Asked a question 11 months ago
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