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Asked a question 5 months ago

Is "headlineSearch" always for brands and "sponsoredProducts" always for products?

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That's correct in the sense that headlineSearch = Sponsored Brands campaigns and sponsoredProducts = Sponsored Products campaigns.

To clarify, the {CampaignType} field value of "headlineSearch" always represents Sponsored Brands campaigns, which have a limited data set relative to Sponsored Products campaigns. In particular, there is no data in the productadmetric and asinmetric tables for Sponsored Brands campaigns as SB campaigns include 3 ASINs in the ad unit and therefore Amazon does not attribute performance to a singular ASIN record. 

Additionally, we are adding SearchTerm data to the keyword report for Sponsored Brands campaigns in the next database update, which can be viewed via connecting to the keywordmetric, targetexpressionsmetric, or keywordtargetingmetric tables.