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I have clients across different global marketplaces (ex Italy, USA, UK, Australia, etc). The clients have sales and cost data in different currencies. I'd like an "overview" of all costs/sales, but also need to see how each marketplace is doing in both local currency (ie. Euro, Dollar, Pound, Australian Dollar) and the currency that the client prefers. I can create a currency conversion Google Sheet, but how do I know which currency values to use?

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Sam Hager
from the dash team

We receive the currency values from Amazon directly and use the currency code provided as per the "marketplace" table in each database. If you look at the "CurrencyCode" field values in that table, you'll see the values that we receive from Amazon. If you'd like to convert from what's provided by Amazon, you can reference the marketplace table to retrieve the currently stored currency values by marketplace per:

currency codes recieved from Amazon
currency codes recieved from Amazon