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Asked a question 2 years ago

How is a dash database structured?

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  • We built most of the tables as pairs with one "record" table that has a corresponding "metric" table. Per the data dictionary example (see "Common DB Connections), in the "campaign" (record) table you will see the "ID" field. The campaign "ID" field corresponds to the "CampaignID" field in the "campaignmetric" (metric) table where you will see all of the daily data for all campaigns. We follow this ID (record) to TableID (metric) naming convention for our foreign keys in the metric tables.

Data Dictionary:

  • You will notice a "sellermonthmetric" table in your db. This is table contains the aggregate numbers by month for all campaign types based on data in the campaignmetric table. We have found that this is a very easy table to connect monthly reporting to as there is no need to aggregate data from a metric table with the appropriate dates or otherwise. As an aside, the sellermonthmetric table is the one that you are able to update via the Historical Uploader we mention throughout the onboarding process.
  • You will also notice a "keywordtargeting" and "keywordtargetingmetric" table. These tables are stacked tables, combining keyword and targetexpressions (product targeting) records and data - these come out of the API separately but we stacked them for easy comparison across targeting types.