Following up to our earlier email, we have confirmed that Amazon is not yet delivering Sponsored Display data for any marketplaces other than the United States (that figures). Per Amazon's Jeffrey Ching:

"Sponsored Display campaign management is not available outside of US at this time. We will send an official announcement when this is released in the API – unfortunately, I do not have a timeline to share at this moment.

Per the v1.2 updates, here are some reporting-related ACTIONS REQUIRED we want to make you aware of:

1) Unrelated to the SD data, per v1.2a please note that if you are using any joins/blends/custom queries to pull the new identifying fields (see below) into your reporting dashboard data sources, you may need to remove the identifying field references as they can cause "duplicate field" errors for your data sources. These errors are caused by the fact that the identifying fields are now available directly in each metric table. Any reporting dashboard issues related to this can be simply resolved by removing the field references from your joins/blends/queries.

The new identifying fields that may cause issues are {MerchantType, PortfolioID, PortfolioName, CampaignID, CampaignName, AdGroupID, AdGroupName}

2) Per v1.2e, if you are relying on the sellermonthmetric table in your reporting dashboards, you will now want to include the "SD" related performance fields (such as "SDAdSales") to report on your entire data set. Since the SD data is now split out into its own fields, the SPA fields no longer include the SD performance data. Again, this SD data will be limited to the US marketplace but by including the new SD fields, your dashboards will represent the same performance totals shown prior to the v1.2 update.

*sellermonthmetric {SDAdImpressions, SDAdClicks, SDAdSpend, SDCTR, SDCPC, SDAdOrders, SDAdSales, SDACoS}

3) Also per v1.2e, you will also want to update any reporting dashboard references to the "CampaignType" field to include a campaign type of "sponsoredDisplay". Previously the SD data was included in the "sponsoredProducts" campaign type and could be segmented via the "AdvertisingPlacement" field. Although the "AdvertisingPlacement" field segmentations will still function properly, any direct "CampaignType" references should also include the new "sponsoredDisplay" value to show all data.

This is a lot of information to digest so if you have any questions, especially considering that most are trying to generate reports for clients right now, please do not hesitate to email us at to set up a call.

In summary, what does this response from Amazon mean for you? Basically, your database only includes SD data for US marketplaces. If you're running SD campaigns in other marketplaces, that data is not yet available and your reporting dashboards will be understated by any SD activity generated in non-US marketplaces. 

We look forward to the day when Amazon fixes this Grand Canyon-sized gap and are here to help you "bridge" it until they do.

To gaps and bridges and fully stocked fridges,
The dash team