This release concerns your database and data studio subscription with updates for all kinds of new data points now available. In particular, this update includes:

  • Sponsored Display data added to the sellermonthmetric, campaignmetric, adgroupmetric, and productadmetric tables, and fields unique to SD campaigns added to the campaign table for comprehensive reporting and analysis
  • The sponsoredbrandsmetric table, which contains all new SB metric fields including detail page views, new to brand orders, order rate new to brand, and other fields for enhanced SB keyword/target reporting and analysis
  • Sponsored Brands search terms available in the keywordtargeting table for keyword targeting SB campaigns, allowing you to analyze underlying search terms of SB campaigns. We have also made SB search terms available in the dash platform so you can now analyze SB search terms in Data Master, Keywords & Targets, and the Tasks & Workflows views.
  • More identifying fields included in metric tables including MerchantType, PortfolioName, CampaignName, AdGroupName and others for super simple report building

To view the complete list of updates and related release notes (which we recommend checking out), things you can now do, and items to watch out for concerning the update, just click here: dash/release notes

And don't forget to check out the dash Community Forum for additional info, access to the release notes, and a place to ask any questions you have about the update. Community Forum: dash/community forum 

Questions or issues? 

Although we always do extensive quality assurance, these are new views that may include a bug here and there. Please let us know if you see any issues via the blue "Feedback" tab hovering along the right side of each platform view. Alternatively, please send a note if you are experiencing any issues or have questions about the platform updates.

As always, thank you for being a dash partner. We can't wait to hear what you think of the new features!

To all the data from Amazon and top-shelf reporting,
The dash team