Amazon has not yet released data via the API for the following ad types, and your data set will therefore be missing/understated by any ad performance amounts generated by the following ad/campaign types:

  • Sponsored Brands Video ads
  • Sponsored Display for International marketplaces (US only)
  • Sponsored Display product targeting level data (API open as of 5.10.20, will implement soon)
  • DSP data (API open as of 5.10.20 - email if you are running DSP so we can find some example accounts to test the enpoint with)

For field values that are not yet/won't be available, here's a running list:

1) Amazon does not return the SKU values in the productad and productadmetric tables for vendors but does for sellers. We do get ASIN for vendors but not SKU which has been confirmed by Amazon.

  • productad.SKU where MerchantType = vendor
  • productadmetric.SKU where MerchantType = vendor