Last Updated: May 5th, 2021

Next Release: 


  • Implement alternative pull schedule [tbd] - for improved throughput and earlier-in-the-day data availability times, we are implementing an alternative pull methodology that will pull specific dates within the lookback window, as opposed to every day of data within the lookback window.


  • Upload Business Reports Data [tbd] - based on requests from partners, we will be adding the ability to upload your Business Reports Data from Seller Central to your db. This will allow more efficient reporting of data points not available in MWS such as Sessions, Unit Session Percentage, and Buy Box Percentage to name a few.


  • Amazon DSP data [development in progress] - to provide DSP data for those partners that are starting to expand their advertising efforts, we will be looking to integrate the API-available DSP data into your dbs.
  • Units fields added to metric tables that already use the correct Attribution windows on the basis of MerchantType and CampaignType

MWS (Beta)

  • "mws inventory history" [released week of 4/19/21] - In order to provide more reliable historical inventory data, we will be building a table to replace the current functionality of the mws inventory metric table that allows for historical inventory stock level tracking. We will be maintaining the mws inventory metric table, which is based on the inventory health report available in Seller Central, but will be modifying it to be a snapshot for the current date as opposed to a historical data tracking table. This ensures that metrics like "Weeks of Cover" are still available to you on an item level.
  • settlements table - [initial dev begun; may switch to using V2 instead of V1 depending on QA findings ] per the below note, we would like to incorporate the settlements (financial) data available to better report profitability and support Amazon P&L building. We will look to build a standalone table that may replace the item profitability table mentioned below.

Future Release:

  • MWS additional data tables - Customers, Feedback, Settlements, and Returns
  • Addition of Amazon Attribution data - Amazon announced on August 25th, 2020 that Attribution program data will be available in the Advertising API for US and UK marketplaces sometime in September. If you have an Attribution account that you would like the data for and we could potentially test the data with, please let us know!