Last Updated: September 15th, 2021

Next Release: 


  • Additional Custom Fields in mws_items and campaign tables -  We are adding additional custom fields to the mws_items and campaign tables for enhanced customizability of your analytics. This will enable the ability to group and tag ASINs and campaigns across multiple dimensions that you can edit at any time in the dash platform.
  • BigQuery support [discovery phase of direct connection to BigQuery] - we are exploring how dash can directly port your MySQL data to BigQuery for analytics opportunities and improved reporting in GDS


  • API data updates - reviewing recent releases for implementation such as search term impression share data, amazon attribution data


  • Implement alternative pull schedule [tbd] - for improved throughput and earlier-in-the-day data availability times, we are implementing an alternative pull methodology that will pull specific dates within the lookback window, as opposed to every day of data within the lookback window.

MWS (Beta)

  • SP-API integration [in progress] - looking to leverage the SP-API for additional information and reports such Vendor Central retail analytics reports
  • Lost Sales due to Out of Stock [queued for scoping] - in order to show the impact of out of stock items, we will be adding custom fields to 'mws_inventory_history' for easy lost revenue calculations
  • Cohort Analysis field requirements - exploring data structure changes/enhancements to allow for cohort analysis of customers in mws_orders_metric data tble.

Future Release:

  • MWS data tables - ASIN Profitability, Customers, Feedback, Settlements, and Returns
  • Addition of Amazon Attribution data - Amazon announced on August 25th, 2020 that Attribution program data will be available in the Advertising API for US and UK marketplaces sometime in September. If you have an Attribution account that you would like the data for and we could potentially test the data with, please let us know!