Last Updated: July 7th, 2020

Next Release: 

  • MWS for Seller Central orders and product catalog data available via the mws_orders_metric, mws_orders_list, and mws_items tables
  • Sponsored Display product targeting (tactic T00020) data available in campaignmetric, adgroupmetric, productadmetric, keywordtargetingmetric. This data is being added to accompany the already available Sponsored Display remarketing (tactic remarketing) data available in the campaignmetric, adgroupmetric, and productadmetric tables (no keywordtargetingmetric data available for the remarketing tactic)
  • Sponsored Products product targeting data available in asinmetric to accompany the Sponsored Products keyword targeting data already available.
  • Google Data Studio templates available for auditing + MWS data reporting

Future Release:

  • MWS additional data tables - Customers, Inventory on Hand, and Estimated Fees data to follow the initial tables released.
  • Currency conversion table available for all marketplaces to enable conversion of data values to other currencies in your dashboards
  • Sales and Orders fields added to all metric tables using the proper attribution fields for each MerchantType + CampaignType (i.e. these fields will be populated with the proper 7-day or 14-day sales attribution values based on Seller vs. Vendor and Sponsored Products vs. Sponsored Brands vs. Sponsored Display ad types). The addition of these fields will remove the need to write if/then or CASE statements in your dashboards to retrieve the correct sales values based on merchant type and campaign type.
  • Addition of Sponsored Brands video data - Amazon announced in mid-July that Sponsored Brands video data is now available via the API. We will be incorporating the data available, initially testing to see which reports and data points available and releasing those that are accessible and stable.
  • Addition of DSP data - DSP data is now available in the API. We will attempt to add this data to the data tables as a supplemental data source. If you have any accounts that you'd like us to test with, please let us know as we are looking for accounts that we can use to validate the data pulls.
  • Adding Historical metric tables - as the table data grows larger, we will be begin "moving" older metric data to separate tables to improve processing and load times of the tables. The historical metric data tables will then be joined (unioned) with the corresponding current tables' metric data in Views for simple historical reporting.