Last Updated: February 10th, 2021

Next Release: 


  • Purge Merchant processing times improved - We are moving the purge processing to the background so you don't have to wait for a merchant to be purged.
  • Invoicing table added to improve Account Manager loading times [to be implemented week of 2.8.21]- Because of how we were populating the Account Manager Merchants view, you may have noticed slow loading times. We have created a new 'Invoicing' table that rolls up data and will improve the loading times, with the added benefit of seeing your Non-converted and Converted spend totals in the Merchant view for invoicing purposes.
  • [complete] Google Data Studio templates available for basic MWS and Advertising reporting (to be sent to users separately from a release note). Please visit for more info (use pw: dash4you)
  • Implement alternative pull schedule [12.17.20] - for improved throughput and earlier-in-the-day data availability times, we are implementing an alternative pull methodology that will pull specific dates within the lookback window, as opposed to every day of data within the lookback window.


  • Units fields added to metric tables that already use the correct Attribution windows on the basis of MerchantType and CampaignType

MWS (Beta)

  • ItemGroup field added to campaign table [1.20.21] - To enable joining mws orders data to campaign data for full account TACOS and margin calculation, including SB ad spend activity. Overcomes limitations of TACOS calculations on item level, which excludes SB ad spend data.
  • "mws inventory history" [12.17.20] - In order to provide more reliable historical inventory data, we will be building a table to replace the current functionality of the mws inventory metric table that allows for historical inventory stock level tracking. We will be maintaining the mws inventory metric table, which is based on the inventory health report available in Seller Central, but will be modifying it to be a snapshot for the current date as opposed to a historical data tracking table. This ensures that metrics like "Weeks of Cover" are still available to you on an item level.
  • settlements table - [11.25.20 update - currently exploring the raw data available for the Settlements report via the MWS API, scoping table next ] per the below note, we would like to incorporate the settlements (financial) data available to better report profitability and support Amazon P&L building. We will look to build a standalone table that may replace the item profitability table mentioned below.
  • "mws items profitability" - [11.6.20 update - looking for alternative fees data as the estimated fees can be different than what gets charged. Will likely rely on settlements data, which will require some additional time to integrate.] A metric table intended to show revenue and cost fields for a given ASIN on the daily level across advertising and mws data for ASIN-level profitability calculations including revenue, fba fees, ad spend and ad sales, item costs/cogs, and more.
  • mws uploader for key item data points - releasing an Uploader template that allows users to upload data points for each item in the mws_items table including ItemCost (COGS), ItemGlobalCost (for unified COGS), ItemInboundCost (Landed to Amazon costs), ShippingCost (for merchant fulfilled items), Brand, LeadTime, ParentASIN, and ItemGroup labels for enhanced analytics capabilities.
  • "mws inventory fba estimated fees" - FBA and Referral estimated fees for all Amazon fulfilled SKUs. Used for projections of profitability, settlements data to be used for true profitability accounting.
  • "mws inventory metric" - Includes inventory on hand (historical and daily updated), weeks of cover, and other tasty data points
  • "IsRepeatCustomer" field - Added to the mws-orders-list and mws-orders-metric tables. With a field value of 1 = Repeat and 0 = New for all shipped orders, you can use the field to segment new vs. repeat customer purchases down to the ASIN level (via mws_orders_metric). The field allows us to calculate things like AOV by new vs. repeat, LTV of new vs. repeat, Product purchase behavior by new vs. repeat, and Revenue by new vs. repeat. Here's a sample of some of the metrics I'm working on in a template GDS report:
  • initial mws tables - mws orders list, mws orders metric, mws items

Future Release:

  • MWS additional data tables - Customers, Feedback, Settlements, and Returns
  • Addition of DSP data - DSP data is now available in the API. We will attempt to add this data to the data tables as a supplemental data source. If you have any accounts that you'd like us to test with, please let us know as we are looking for accounts that we can use to validate the data pulls.
  • Addition of Amazon Attribution data - Amazon announced on August 25th, 2020 that Attribution program data will be available in the Advertising API for US and UK marketplaces sometime in September. If you have an Attribution account that you would like the data for and we could potentially test the data with, please let us know!