Last updated: February 10th, 2021

Next Release:

  1. Filter Consolidation and Custom Date Range comparisons - to provide for improved workflows across views and unparalleled period comparison analysis.
  2. Campaign management - analyze spend vs. daily campaign budgets, view Amazon recommended budgets, adjust daily campaign budgets,  and change statuses of campaigns
  3. MWS Account and Merchant addition and activation in platform - adding the ability to both add a new MWS authorization + activate related merchants to the dash platform
  4. Multiple Users with Roles & Permissions to merchants - adding the ability to invite multiple users to the dash platform with specific roles and permissions for viewing data of selected merchants
  5. Purge Merchant processing times improved [to be implemented week of 2.8.21] - We are moving the purge processing to the background so you don't have to wait for a merchant to be purged.
  6. Invoicing table added to improve Account Manager Merchants view loading times [to be implemented week of 2.8.21]- Because of how we were populating the Account Manager Merchants view, you may have noticed slow loading times. We have created a new 'Invoicing' table that rolls up data and will improve the loading times, with the added benefit of seeing your Non-converted and Converted spend totals in the Merchant view for invoicing purposes.

Future Release:

  1. Campaign management - analyze performance by and adjust placement modifiers of campaigns
  2. Product Ad management - monitor ad statuses and change statuses of product ads
  3. Alerts & Notifications + Change log - addition of a notifications center for improved monitoring
  4. Keyword & Target filtering capabilities standardized across pages
  5. Labeling/Tagging groups of records for performance monitoring
  6. Rules available for keyword bidding, search term negations, and campaign budgeting