Previous Releases:

Purge Merchant processing times improved [complete 2/15/21] - We are moving the purge processing to the background so you don't have to wait for a merchant to be purged.

Invoicing table added to improve Account Manager Merchants view loading times [complete 2/15/21]- Because of how we were populating the Account Manager Merchants view, you may have noticed slow loading times. We have created a new 'Invoicing' table that rolls up data and will improve the loading times, with the added benefit of seeing your Non-converted and Converted spend totals in the Merchant view for invoicing purposes.

[Pushed to Production 10.12.20] Integration of SB video and SD data - with newly available Sponsored Brands video data and Sponsored Display product targeting data, we will have integrated the campaign types and new data sets across all views in the dash platform


  1. Keyword + Target pausing, enabling, and archiving - you will now be able to pause, enable, or archive your keyword or product targets directly from dash in bulk or one by one
  2. Search term negations - you will now be able to negate search terms coming from your keyword or product target data directly from dash in bulk or one by one