For all of you dabbling in DSP, we are happy to announce you can now pull DSP data into your db for your reporting and analytics purposes. You should see a number of tables in your database prefixed with 'dsp', which connect to each of the six respective DSP reports currently available in the API.

This dash/DATA STUDIO data release concerns your database and DATA STUDIO subscription with updates for newly launched data tables described later in this email.

How to connect DSP accounts - DSP data connections work almost exactly like the sponsored ads data connections in the dash platform with a few key differences:

  1. Head to the Account Manager > Accounts page in the dash platform. If you have not yet added the account (Amazon login) you run your DSP accounts through in Amazon, add that account just like you would for a sponsored ads account by clicking 'add account' in the view. Log into Amazon as you normally would to access and manage your DSP account(s).
  2. Once your DSP accounts have been connected to dash, you are able to activate the DSP 'merchants' for data flow to begin. Navigate to Account Manager > Advertising Merchants in the dash platform to view your DSP merchants. A DSP merchant in this case will be the name of a DSP account or seat. This is a distinct difference to sponsored ads merchants as typically the names of the sponsored ads merchants are the name of the storefront or seller/vendor name (i.e. the brand's name). To find your DSP merchants in the Merchants view, simply filter the view to 'Account Name' equal to the name of the DSP account(s) you've added in step 1 OR filter the view to a 'Type' = 'Agency'. All DSP merchants and Attribution merchants (coming later) are indicated by a Type value of 'Agency' as opposed to 'Seller' or 'Vendor' for sponsored ads merchants.
  3. Once the DSP data pull is activated, the past 90 days of DSP data will be pulled into each of the tables described below, and data is then updated on a daily basis ongoing.
  4. Please note that a given DSP account (seat) may include multiple 'Advertisers', which represent the sellers/vendors being advertised for via your DSP account. This is a major difference when compared to sponsored ads merchants as DSP merchants can include data for many sellers/vendors while a sponsored ads merchant represents just a single seller/vendor. There is no current way to connect or relate a given Advertiser (seller/vendor) in DSP to its corresponding Sponsored Ads profile if both are available for a given seller/vendor, other than by a storefront or brand name (SellerName) association.

Click the video below to see how to activate your DSP merchants in dash:

The DSP metric tables now available - Here are the DSP metric data tables now available in your database, which includes the '_3mo' version of each. A quick reminder that the '_3mo' version of each table contains a smaller data set than the 'full' table version, showing data for the last 3 months + month to date. You can use the _3mo versions if further lookback windows are not required for reporting and analytics (the _3mo tables will load data relatively faster as well):

  • dsp_audience_metric & dsp_audience_metric_3mo: contains performance data by audience related attributes such as segmentSource, segmentType, and targetingMethod.
  • dsp_campaigns_metric & dsp_campaigns_metric_3mo: contains performance data by campaign related attributes such as orderName, lineItemName, creativeName, and creativeType.
  • dsp_geography_metric & dsp_geography_metric_3mo: contains performance data by geography related attributes such as country, state, and city.
  • dsp_inventory_metric & dsp_inventory_metric_3mo: contains performance data by inventory related attributes such as supplySourceName and siteName.
  • dsp_products_metric & dsp_products_metric_3mo: contains performance data by product related attributes such as productName, productGroup, productCategory, and productSubcategory.
  • dsp_technology_metric & dsp_technology_metric_3mo: contains performance data by technology related attributes such as operatingSystem, browser, browserVersion, and device.

Pricing for DSP data - during the Beta Period, scheduled to run through December 31st, 2021, DSP data added to your db will be priced exactly the same as sponsored ads data is priced. The DSP spend total for a given month is simply included in your aggregate spend total and tallied up to determine your pricing tier. For more info on pricing, please check out our pricing page here: dash/PRICING

Questions or issues? 

Although we always do extensive quality assurance, new data sets may include a bug here and there. Please let us know if you see any issues by posting in the Community Forum or sending a note to

As always, thank you for being a dash partner. Please let us know how the new tables are working for you...any feedback you have is appreciated as always!

To Demand Side Platform data at the ready,
The dash team