Tired of sending us those screenshots and copied MWS credentials? Same here. With this v1.5 platform release, we have added the ability to enter your own MWS accounts and activate related merchants for MWS data flow directly in the dash platform. No more manual emails, +1 for that! We will continue improving the workflow to add status alerts and error alerts in the near future. If you see something that isn't working correctly or identify an opportunity to improve the workflow, please leave your feedback via the platform or email support@dashapplications.com directly.

To see the new workflow in action, check out this video: 


How to add an MWS Account: To add an MWS account to dash, navigate to the Account Manager view and select the 'MWS Merchants' tab. Then, click the 'Add MWS Auth Token' button and enter the required MWS credentials for a given Seller Central merchant. FYI, the credentials you provide allow MWS access for all marketplaces within a given region. The established regions are America, Europe, and the Far East. If you're not sure which region the credentials allow access to, don't worry, we will figure out the appropriate region even if you select the wrong one. 

How to activate or inactivate an MWS merchant marketplace: Once you've added an MWS account in the step above, you will be able to view the merchant marketplaces related to the auth token provided. Here, you can decide which merchant marketplaces to activate. You can also choose to inactivate + purge any MWS merchant marketplaces you no longer need data for from the same view.

Not sure where to get MWS credentials?: MWS access credentials are provided by the admin of a Seller Central account. For information on how to authorize dash as a developer for a Seller Central merchant, please check out the 'MWS Instructions' tab seen on our training page here:

dash/TRAINING - MWS Instructions

Need help getting started using MWS data?: With MWS data, you can now use our Operations Template in Google Data Studio for free. If you need some extra help, let us know. Our fledgling reporting division is happy to assist so please ping us at reporting@dashapplications.com to find out more!

dash/TRAINING - GDS Operations Report Template

Questions or issues? 

Although we always do extensive quality assurance, new feature releases may include a bug here and there. Please let us know if you see any issues by posting in the Community Forum or sending a note to support@dashapplications.com.

As always, thank you for being a dash partner. Please let us know what you think of the new workflow...any feedback you have is appreciated as always!

To making MWS merchant marketplace activations more manageable,
The dash team