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This thread is dedicated to questions, discussions, and content related to dash solutions. Please use this site as a resource to ask questions of the dash team, find answers to questions about our solutions, and to engage with the larger dash community.


For a google sheet grid of the suggested pull and extract process, please see this document: dash/EXTRACT PROCESS12

Metric Tables

A. Advertising metric tables - Excluding current day, pull the records within the 14-day(pulled Daily) or 60-day(pulled on Monday) lookback... (More)

This is typically an issue with your Permissions to View and Edit advertising for a given merchant account in Seller Central and/or Vendor Central. Dash is only able to pull ad data through the API if your linked account has... (More)

The dash application runs a profile list (merchant list) pull every hour so typically you will receive the "New Merchant Added" email from us within an hour to two hours of adding a new account and the merchant will then... (More)

This error is caused by the "0" timestamps that are sometimes stored as values in DateTime fields within the database tables. Basically MySQL can handle "0" timestamps but Google Data Studio can't resolve them using Java. The culprit is typically... (More)